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The Athlete Maker assists Coaches and Athletes around the world to recognize opportunities by consulting, developing and training them to enhance their own methods and implement new ideas. We work to enhance character and physical development with seminars and training methods to move athletes to the next level of success both on and off the field, court or track.

Dynamic Warmup Video

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The Oak Hill Basketball Complete
Vertical Jump System

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The Oak Hill Complete Vertical Jump System has been used by some of the best athletes in the world. This comprehensive 12 week workout program incorporates:
* Explosive plyometric exercises and jump training
* Building a strength base
* Core training
* Injury Prevention
* The ability to decelerate and absorb force

Jordan Adams The strength and conditioning program at Oak Hill was one of the most comprehensive and thorough systems I have been apart of. The program not only made me a better athlete but also focused on my stability, mobility and injury prevention.
--Jordan Adams
Oak Hill Academy 2011,2012
UCLA 2012-2014
High School Basketball National Champion- 2012
1st Team All Pac 12 - 2012
1st Round Draft Pick Memphis Grizzlies 2014

The system is divided into 3 phases that provide proven, explosive results.
All exercises come with video demos, set/reps and detailed descriptions.
The program is purchased through the platform.
Through this site you can:
*Take your workout with you as it offers apps for you iPhone and Android
* Receive email reminders about your workout
* The ability to print your workouts
* Ability to track the progress of your workouts

Comprehensive Baseball High
Performance System

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The Baseball High Performance Program focuses on Strength, Speed, Agility and Injury Prevention. This comprehensive 8 week program costs $99 and includes:
* An individualized program is designed for each athlete after consultation. Consultation is done in person or via phone/Skype.
* The workout program is digitized and sent to the Athlete’s phone with exercise descriptions and video demonstrations.

Taneesha Greaves As a Coach who believes speed, strength, and more speed is the future of all sports, I would strongly recommend this program for your athlete. We use it on a daily basis and our players stay on the field and compete at championship levels every day. Without Coach Kurtz’s guidance, knowledge and willingness to push our players to new heights, I am not sure we would be a 6 time State Championship program at AC Flora. Now we plan to use his programs at Swingman Baseball. If you want your child to be pushed to the limits, Coach Kurtz is the man for the job.
--Coach Hallett
A.C. Flora High School
Swingman Baseball LLC
Head Baseball Coach

The Comprehensive Baseball High Performance Program is used by athletes to compete consistently at championship levels.

Taneesha Greaves Coach Kurtz and Coach Meagher have continually proved their capabilities as being two of the best Strength and Conditioning coaches this nation has to offer. Working directly with each of them during my high school years at Oak Hill Academy, I can firmly say that they played a huge role in my athletic development and my ability to compete at the Division I level. Consistently exceeding my expectations, they’ve always been able to push me to my greatest potential and to this day, still serve as two of my biggest mentors. I give their services my highest recommendation and hope that everyone has the opportunity to work with them!

--Taneesha Greaves
Oak Hill Academy 2011,2012
University of South Dakota 2012-2014

The Athlete Maker



Our comprehensive and easy to follow online training platform provides workouts designed specifically to enhance your team's athletic potential. Every program is designed to: prevent athlete injury and improve each athlete's sports specific performance. Our nationally recognized coaches have designed programs for the 8-time National Champion Oak Hill Academy and multiple other State Championship teams.


Become a member of The Athlete Maker team and receive individualized workout programs designed by some of the best strength coaches in the country. These workouts are comprehensive, individualized programs to allow each athlete to reach his/her maximum. Our coaches have trained professional, all-american, top collegiate, high school and middle school athletes.

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